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St. Cloud Party DJ, St. Cloud Wedding DJ, Event DJ in St. Cloud

Why should I pick Cory?

I absolutely love entertaining people. When you get me out there in front of a crowd you won't find anyone else who you would rather be in charge of the flow and excitement of your event. This is because I not only know how to read a group as well as anyone and have the music background to know what music is best at bringing the most people out to the dance floor, I have more fun in doing so than anyone else. And when it comes to getting people to have fun, it just takes a leader in the room who is going to have fun no matter what. That's what I do.


Whether there's 15 people or 1500 people I will be having the time of my life and whether you are or not is none of my concern because it's not within my control. I have no idea what your idea of fun is. I know what makes me happy. Great music through a loudspeaker is a good starting point. Add a crowd of great people and a just have fun attitude and you're certainly getting close. Maybe that's what you like, maybe it isn't. If you don't find dancing fun, I'm not going to beg you. But you can be sure I'll be moving and belting out the lyrics to most of the tunes I know along with anyone else who wants to do so and trust me, it helps so much.


Many DJ's stand behind their system nonchallantly picking songs as they get requests and that's great. Couldn't really tell whether or not they are having a good time even with a couple hundred folks dancing in front of them but many people want a DJ who does just that. I'm not there to pick music. I'm there to have the time of my life and get you and your guests to open yourselves up and join me in doing so.  

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